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Thought resources for learning Chinse in school were boring and not as good as for other languages? Then look here to ensure what you buy is the best for your needs. We conduct independent reviews of Chinese textbooks, exam revision guides and online Chinese teaching resources - each has its strengths and weaknesses. Ensure you understand what is best for your class and children learning Mandarin Chinese or about China.

Y4 at Dover

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China Timeline - lesson activity

Attached is an ideal keyword and timeline activity that I am using to introduce China to my year 6's. The first slide allows children to link and understand keywords to their meaning for the forthcoming term. The following slides can be printed and laminated and used by pupils to place in order within the classroom.

Resource Review: Discover China, Macmillan Education

Tags: Review

Reviewer:  Dr. Zhiyan Guo, University of Warwick.


Ding Anqi, Chen Xin, Jing Lili (2010) Discover China Book 1, Oxford: Macmillan Education, 184 pages. ISBN 9780230405950

Qi Shaoyan, Zhang Jie, (2011) Discover China Book 2, Oxford: Macmillan Education, 192 pages. ISBN 9780230406391

The Review:  What I liked: 

Discover China adopted the communicative and integrated approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. As the most updated textbooks of teaching Chinese adopting the communicative approach, the authors have successfully engaged learners to acquire the skills of listening and reading, speaking and writing in Chinese at a steady pace and in a balanced and interesting way.

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