Bubblr: Create your own fun photo comic strips and add conversations and subtitles in Chinese.

Bubblr is a FREE, fun and incredibly easy way for you and your students to create smart photographic comic strips/presentations on the subject of your choice.

You can add your own captions, speech-bubbles or titles to photos and it works really well with pinyin and Chinese characters.

Here is how it works.

  • Visit http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr/
  • Simply type in a keyword on the subject that you want to write about, for example ‘Tai Chi’ and Bubblr will link and search for photos on Flickr . Depending on the subject you have searched on, you may get anywhere from a handful to thousands of images to choose from. You can view up to 17 images at a time so if you want to view more, just select 'next'.
  • Drag image into the frame below. Add a title or speech bubble. You can drag these to where you want on the photo.
  • Type or cut and paste text into the bubble. Bubblr will accept Pinyin and characters. Keep repeating until you have finished your comic strip/presentation.
  • Press ‘Publish’
  • Add a title and your name Press ‘Done’ You can now send your comic strip to an email address. The actual strip will be stored on the Bubblr archive and when you press ‘send’ the email recipient will receive a link to see the comic strip.

How can it be used?

1. Use it for cultural topics:

Get students to  write a comic strip about a certain subject – for example ‘Tai Chi’ (see attached screenshot), ‘Famous sites in Beijing’ or ‘Modern views of China’

2. Use it for language work :

Using speech bubbles , you students could create conversations between people in the images - don’t forget Flickr contains images on virtually anything * so students could look for interesting images which contact people who are having conversations for instance.

3. Use it for both cultural and language:

Using cultural themes but with Chinese subtitles and dialogue.

4. Making e-cards for Chinese New Year, Christmas etc.

Don’t forget......

  • Work is saved on the Bubblr archive so you are not putting bulky files onto your schools ICT.
  • The email function means that you can give this as homework and get your students to email you with their finished work!


*note that Flickr is moderated and users are not to upload adult or offensive content. See Flick’s guidelines for more information.

Lesson Plan: