Mandarin Chinese/Languages in Sweden, the UK, Singapore, Pakistan and the USA

UK:The rise and rise of Mandarin: But how many will end up speaking it? (The Telegraph, 20 Sep 11)

UK: Chinese: The language the whole world wants to learn (The Independent, 8 Sep 11)

Singapore:  Bilingualism is possible (Today Online, 17 Sep 11)

UK/Pakistan: Mandarin lessons to become compulsory in Pakistan (The Telegraphy, 20 Sep 11)

and a response by The Express Tribune Blog.

UK: Languages in the UK:  An article reporting on the UK’s  Bishop of Bradford’s statement that “Language Teaching Deplorable  (The Independent, 20 Sep 11) .  A response by ALL President Bernadette Holmes is included in this article

China: Chinese Basketball star Yao Ming urges Chinese to give up shark fin soup (The Independent, 23 Sep 11)

UK:  China visits Kenilworth Primary School (Kenilworth News, 23 Sep 11)

USA:  Does your child speak Chinese?  Maybe they should (WLTX, 15 Sep 11)

UK:  Chinese tourist boom swells numbers visiting the UK (The Telegraph, 15 Sep 11)

and finally……

This is article about Mamma Mia in China featured in The Financial Times.  China takes a chance on a Mandarin Mamma Mia.