Get networked, get resources with Twitter: A Basic Guide for Chinese Teachers

**Our guide is downloadable at the bottom of this page**

What is Twitter?  Twitter is an online social networking application for communicating, in our case, with other Chinese teachers, teachers in the wider language community, policy makers, resource providers and many other people GLOBALLY

We need to build our own community rapidly to show we mean business!

Why bother with Twitter?  For professional Chinese teachers, the benefits are:

·         Engaging with other Chinese teachers and those involved with Chinese 

·         Engaging with the wider MFL/ Language teaching community

·         Getting ideas for your own teaching practise and sharing ideas with others to show leadership

·         Hearing the latest ‘buzz’ about Chinese/languages

·         Networking and making friends/contacts who you may well meet at Conferences/events etc.

·         Helping others get involved with teaching Chinese to children and hence becoming a leader

·         Showing policy makers that the community is buzzing and worthy of their attention

Twitter need not be time-consuming. It does help your teaching, place you within the community and helps build that community. Go on get Tweeting today.

Our guide is downloadable below

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