What is a Confucius Institute?

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The Confucius Institute is a not-for-profit organization which promotes Chinese Language and culture internationally through the support of localised Chinese teaching through affiliated Confucius Institutes. The Confucius Institutes Headquarters is in Beijing. Confucius Institutes are controlled, administered and financed by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban).   As of April 2009, there were 328 Confucius Institutes in 82 countries and regions.  The central Confucius Institute can be found here.

Confucius Institutes in the UK?
There are currently 10 affiliated Confucius Institutes. Details of the Institutes including direct links to their web pages are as follows:
School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Website
University of Manchester Website - works with the only primary Confucius Classroom, St Paul’s Primary School
Cardiff University Website
University of Central Lancashire Website
London School of Economics (LSE)  Website - Focusing on Business aspect of Chinese language and culture
University of Sheffield Website
Nottingham University Website - School of Contemporary Chinese Studies
University of Wales, Lampeter Website - Includes 1 Welsh Confucius Classroom
The Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh Website - 8 Scottish ‘Confucius Classrooms’ come under the Learning and Teaching Scotland
The Confucius Institute at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Website - Also includes 10 SSAT Confucius Classrooms located around the UK
The Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in London South Bank University Website - Focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine


MAP showing their locations is HERE

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What do they do?
Whilst the general remit of all affiliated Confucius Institutes is to promote Chinese language and culture, different Institutes will have different activities. These can include the following:
·         Language Courses – ab initio to advanced
·         Professional development for teachers
·         Cultural presentations, workshops and demonstrations
·         Local conferences
·         Resources
·         Scholarships
·         Business Chinese links and language & cultural education (LSE)
·         Supporting schools in England which had already started to teach Chinese and about China across their curriculum and also to encourage others to consider introducing it (SSAT)
·         Linking with local schools and colleges providing language and cultural sessions/enrichment
·         HSK/YCT testing
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